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Health + Safety Disclaimer


Many areas of our XLR8 Dance & Wellbeing teaching syllabus involve hands on contact with the participant to enable growth within the activity, to offer safety and to support with the participants learning.


Please note that in some of our activities (especially Cheerleading, Cheer Dance, Stunting & Acro), with them being a contact sport, there is an element of risk in the participation. All staff working with XLR8 Dance & Wellbeing will have carried out a full site and area check before any activity takes place to eliminate these risks as much as possible. Suitable safety equipment will be set up to protect participants during these activities (i.e crash mats and activity mats) and all participants will be briefed and taught the correct and safe way to execute any activity.


All staff working for XLR8 Dance & Wellbeing have completed the required health and safety training for the specific activity they are teaching.


By signing up online to one of our sessions, courses, clubs, classes, camps, events or workshops, you are agreeing that you have read and understood this Health & Safety disclaimer and that XLR8 Dance & Wellbeing (including all teachers and subcontractors working for the company) will not be held responsible for any injury of a participant that takes place during an activity, providing that all the above procedures have been followed.


By signing up online you also agree and understand that XLR8 Dance & Wellbeing qualified teachers (and other participants within the class) may need to be hands on during coaching sessions (especially during stunting and Acro). Please note, all XLR8 Dance & Wellbeing staff have received full and comprehensive first aid training and if necessary, may need to administer first aid during the course of a session. Each staff member carries a fully stocked first aid kit with them at all times and in the event of an injury will fill out 2 injury forms - one to keep for our files and one to give to the participants emergency contact at pick up. In the event of an emergency all efforts to contact the emergency numbers you have provided us with will be made. Please make sure you update as soon as possible if any contact details change.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this disclaimer then please contact XLR8 Dance & Wellbeing.

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