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What our customers have to say

Sarah, Parent

As a working parent, I LOVE that both my girls can get to school from 8am and join in with a club they absolutely love. Exercise all done before school! I would highly recommend XLR8 to all parents

Jessica, Student

Joining secondary school was very nerve wracking, but I loved that I could still carry on my Dance + Cheerleading classes as XLR8 taught me in primary school and offered the sessions in my new secondary school. It's so nice to join my friends for the classes after a busy school day and let off some steam!

Thomas, Elite Troupe Student

I take part in XLR8's Thursday evening elite troupe class and love meeting my other dance friends there to learn brand new routines that push us a little more than our school classes. I love preparing for XLR8FEST, plus Lianne + Hannah come up with some AMAZING choreography!

Mrs. Smith, Teacher

XLR8 have been running classes at our school for the past 8 years. Our students love the XLR8 teachers and we find the company incredibly professional and organised. We'd recommend them to any other school in the area

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